We send all of the PTA events to the Master School calendar (listed below too).

If you use Google or another calendar application you can subscribe to the school calendar so you don’t miss an event. Below are the instructions. On the school’s calendar, you can click the iCal/RSS icon (shown below) or go directly to the page here.

For this example, I’m adding the master school calendar to a Google calendar. Copy the iCal Feed from the link (if you click open it will save the ics file to your computer, you want to copy the link not open it)

Once you have the iCal link copied, open your Google Calendar and go to Settings (top right icon that looks like a gear). Under the Add Calendar section on the left, click From URL and paste the iCal link into the field URL of calendar. Then click the Add Calendar button

You’ll want to rename the calendar to something you can identify from your main calendar (the default name will be the URL link). I named mine: Blue Heron Master Calendar. You can also go into the settings more and customize the color it will show on your calendar or what kind of notifications you would like to receive when a new item is added. It’s up to you then 🙂 Feel free to email us if you have any questions and we will do our best to help you.