Teacher Wishlists

The Blue Heron PTA has created Amazon.com wishlists to make it easier for parents to directly support their children’s classrooms and school. Each teacher can choose items and supplies that would make a difference in their classrooms, parents can easily purchase the exact items the teachers want, and Amazon ships and keeps track of it all to avoid duplicate purchases. Please consider setting your Amazon Smile Charity to Blue Heron Elementary and making your donation go even further!

Wishlists have been created for each classroom teacher, as well as the “Specials”, ESOL, Special Ed teachers, and paraeducators. Links to the wishlists on the Amazon.com website are added here as the teachers submit their lists. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.


Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Sompit(Full Day)

Ms. Laura and Ms. Amiee(Half Day)


Mrs. Porter

Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Talbot

First Grade

Mrs. Anderson

Ms. Boykin

Mrs. Gossett

Second Grade

Ms. Shimonek

Mrs. McCreedy

Mrs. Usher

Third Grade

Mrs. Bartlett

Miss Cain

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Nardi

Mrs. Darting

Mrs. Knox

Fifth Grade

Ms. Strongin

Ms. Senior

Special Education/SEL

Mari Goin, SPED LS

Barb Ennenga, PT

Jenna Schuetzle, COTA

Kendra Veitengruber


Ms. Diefendorf (Music)

Mr. Bierzychudek (PE)

Ms. Garren (Art)