Clubs & Programs

Blue Heron is proud to offer the following clubs and after-school enrichment programs to our students this year. More information is forthcoming as these programs are finalized and dates/times are set. The main contact is listed below each club or we have linked the website. If you have additional questions about registration or start/end dates and times, please feel free to email us.


3rd-5th grades

Staff lead: Elke Diefendorf

Tuesdays, 9/5 - 12/13

2:35-3:35 pm

Mad Science

K-5th grades


Tuesdays, 9/12-10/31

2:40-3:40 pm

Sticky Fingers Cooking

K-5th grades

Sticky Fingers

Tuesdays, 10/17-12/19

2:40-3:40 pm

Kindness Club


Staff lead: Becky Raguso

Wednesdays, bi-weekly

3D Print Club 

5th grade only

Staff lead: Emily Senior

Mondays, all year

2:35-3:15 pm

Spanish Language Adventures 

Leticia Gross and Marlyn Marcano

Thursdays, 9/21-12/7

2:40-3:30 pm

KidStage: Peter Pan

K-5th grades


Thursdays, 9/7-11/16

2:40-3:40 pm

100-Mile Run Club

K-5th grades

Staff lead: Maggy Vlasek



Strategic Kids: Chess

K-5th grades

Strategic Kids


2:35-3:35 pm

Enrichment Club

K-5th grades

Staff lead: Amy Heslip

Dates TBD

2:35-3:15 pm

Garden Club 


Garden lead: Jody Dyckes

Dates/Times TBD

Holiday Hip Hop 


Michelle Lucero

Dates/Times TBD